I paid to create AI avatars but I can't use the feature.

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We're very sorry to hear that! If something goes wrong with your avatar purchase, we suggest requesting a refund by following these steps and make a new purchase to be able to use the feature later:

🤖 If you use Android 🍎 If you use iOS

If you can't use your purchase for some technical reasons, you'll receive an automatic refund within  three days. Alternatively, you can request a refund by:

  1. Opening your Google Play's Order history
  2. Selecting the product you'd like a refund for
  3. Submitting your request
  1. On the Apple sign in page, sign in with the Apple ID you used to purchase your subscription
  2. Tap I’d like to > Request a refund
  3. Select the reason for the refund request > Next
  4. Select the purchased item > Submit
➡️ Refunds are managed by Google. Your funds will be transferred depending on the payment method you chose for your purchase. ➡️ You’ll be updated by Apple within 48 hours. Unfortunately, we don’t manage your Apple subscriptions and payments, so we can’t issue refunds directly. For further information on Apple refunds, refer to Apple Support at the bottom of the linked page.

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