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Our team is relentlessly working on taking Remini's technology to the next level, ensuring jaw-dropping improvements for your pictures and videos. Despite our best efforts, results may sometimes not live up to expectations and present some flaws. We're truly sorry if this was your case!

Here are some useful tips to help your enhanced image shine:


  • Give our editing tools a try.

    Remini now offers a variety of editing tools that you can try out and combine in different ways to spice up the end effect on your pictures. Don't hesitate to experiment with them! If you're unsure about starting a subscription, you can start a free trial to find out what what Remini can achieve when fully unleashed.


  • Zoom in on details.

    If flaws or inconsistencies are evident on a specific part of your picture (for instance, a single face in a group photo), try cutting the detail out of the bigger picture and enhancing it separately. Once enhanced, you can use a photo-editing tool to re-apply it to the original image.


  • Ensure that your original media isn't too damaged.

    If a picture or video is scratched, torn or generally speaking heavily damaged, this may affect the app's ability to properly enhance every detail. Remini works with AI to reconstruct elements that are not fully visible or clear in your media, but scratches or stains may interfere with the process and cause unsatisfying results.


  • Ensure that the subject in the picture isn't covered up.

    Although Remini can spot and enhance details that may be blurred or not clear enough in your media, it cannot reconstruct features that are fully covered up. For instance, if a person's face is partially covered by a mask, the covered part cannot be guessed and enhanced.



If our suggestions don't help in your case, don't hesitate to get in touch with our Support team (Remini > settings gear ⚙️ in the top-right corner > Contact Support) to share your experience! Every feedback counts in our journey towards the perfect tool for your enhancements.

When reaching out, please don't forget to include the following, so our team can verify your case more quickly:

  • A detailed description of what you are experiencing
  • The original media you uploaded to Remini
  • The enhanced output result
  • Any other detail you deem useful to understand your case

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