Can I use the Remini app without paying or start a free trial?

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❗️ Free trials are not always available for purchase. If you wish to start a trial, make sure it's included in the plan you're choosing before you continue with your purchase. If a trial isn't offered, this means it's currently not available and you'll be charged right away if you start a subscription.

If a free trial is offered when you start your subscription, you're welcome to choose the plan for which you want to activate a trial an enjoy the features that are offered within its period.

A free trial can be used only once and may not include all the tools available in the app, as some of them could require additional payments that are not covered by the trial.

Once the trial is over, it’s your choice whether to continue with a subscription to Remini or to cancel your plan and return to the free version. To avoid unwanted charges, remember to cancel the automatic renewal no less than 24 hours prior to the end of your free trial.

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