What tools can I access after I subscribe?

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❗️ Some tools may not be included in any of the plans proposed to start a recurring subscription and could require additional payment for subscribed users as well.


Although Remini can be partially used for free, activating a paid subscription unlocks several benefits, depending on the plan you choose to activate.
Cheaper plans may not include some benefits that higher plans grant access to—make sure to carefully read what's included in every plan when choosing one!
As a subscribed user, you should expect:
  • No ads. When using the free version of the app, ads are played during enhancement and saving. For Pro users, there are no ads—the enhanced photo is displayed within seconds and can be saved to your device immediately.
  • Watermark-free enhancements. The images you improve by choosing the 🪄 Enhance feature will show no watermarks or logos on them. However, a watermark or logo will still be applied to your AI-generated images.
  • Unlimited enhancements. Unsubscribed users can only save a limited number of enhanced photos per day. Subscribed users can use the 🪄 Enhance feature and save their improved images as much as they want during the day.

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