Which styles can I choose to create my AI Photos?

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You have the chance to re-imagine yourself in countless different versions and worlds by using our newest feature AI Photos. Browse the available models to choose the best one for your needs—a new job, holiday destinations, new hairstyles and fashionable outfits—or get inspired by the most trending ones:


  • Wedding: upload your pictures and let Remini create a picture of your weeding day.
  • Curriculum: professional headshots to add to your resume.
  • Baby: see your future child based on your own photos—or upload photos of yourself and your partner equally to imagine what your future child would look like!
  • Age progression video: a journey from childhood to adulthood.


Several styles or features like the age progression video go through a trial phase before being released to everyone, so you may not see them in your app for a while. If this is the case, come back later to see if they were added to your choice!

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