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We’re sorry to hear Remini can't be open. When it happens, the issue can usually be solved by following these steps:


  • Make sure you're using Remini's official version. Only apps downloaded from the official App Store and Google Play Store are allowed. If you downloaded Remini from other sources or from an outdated version of one of the Stores, an error message will ask you to perform an update.
  • Make sure you’re using the most recent version of Remini. If an update is available on the App Store or Google Play Store, we recommend downloading it.
  • Update your iOS or Android software. Make sure you’re using the latest version by checking your device’s settings.
  • Switch to a different internet connection. If you're using a Wi-Fi network, try your mobile data connection, and vice versa. If you're using a VPN, turn it off and try again.
  • Close Remini from your background processes and reopen it. 


If you’ve tried all the steps above but you’re still experiencing problems, reach out to our Support team with the following details to help speed up our checks:

  • A description of what happens when you try our tips
  • A screenshot or a screen recording that shows the issue
  • Your current version of iOS or Android
  • The app version
  • Your device make and model

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