I’m a Remini subscriber. How do I access my existing subscription on a new device?

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⚠️ If some features are blocked behind a paywall or an upgrade button and restoring your purchase doesn't unlock them, it's likely that your subscription is already being recognised in Remini, but doesn't include access to such features. More on this in I'm paying to use Remini, but the tools to customise my enhanced image are still locked.

It’s easy to access an existing subscription when you switch to a new device that uses the same operating system (so, from one iOS device to another, or from one Android device to another).

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the Apple ID or Google account you’re using on the devices corresponds to the one you subscribed with. Otherwise, the app won’t be able to retrieve and reactivate your previous subscription. 

  2. Open Remini and tap PRO > Restore Purchases. Your previous subscription will be automatically restored.

Unfortunately, if your new device has a different operating system than the one with which you subscribed, it isn’t possible to restore your subscription. Subscriptions that were activated on iOS can only be recognized and restored on iOS devices. The same goes for subscriptions activated on Android devices—they can only be restored on other Android devices.



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