How do I request a refund for the Remini mobile app?

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If you bought a subscription to the Remini mobile app, you can request a refund by following the steps below.

🤖 If you use Remini on an Android device

🍎 If you use Remini on an iOS device

You can follow all the steps on the Google Support refunds webpage.

  1. On the Apple sign in page, sign in with the Apple ID you used to make the purchase

  2. Tap I’d like to > Request a refund

  3. Select the reason for the refund request > Next

  4. Select the purchased item > Submit

➡️ You can also access the linked page for further information on Google’s refund policy.

➡️ You’ll be updated by Apple within 48 hours. Unfortunately, we don’t manage your Apple subscriptions and payments, so we can’t issue refunds directly. 

For further information on Apple refunds, refer to Apple Support at the bottom of the linked page.


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