Can I use my mobile subscription on Remini Web?

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⚠️ Although it's possible to use your mobile subscription on web, it's not possible to sync a web subscription to your mobile device. If you have an ongoing plan on Remini Web, you'll need to start a new one on mobile to use the app at its full potential.


Some subscription plans include access to our web enhancer Remini Web. If you're offered a plan on mobile that covers both the mobile app and Remini Web, you're most welcome to make the most of it! Simply activate it from the in-app paywall and follow these steps to redeem your payment on our website as well:

  1. After subscribing on mobile, tap the red WEB button in Remini's homepage.
  2. On the new page that opens up on your browser, choose a login channel to create your profile on Remini Web.
  3. If you had previously created an account on Remini Web, choose the login channel you used to register the first time. Otherwise, feel free to create a new account using a different channel or email address.

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