I have canceled my subscription, but I keep being billed.

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If you have canceled your subscription to the Remini mobile app following our instructions, but you keep receiving charges for a Remini service, chances are you completed a subscription to Remini Web.

Remini Web is our web-based version of Remini to enhance your images on desktop, and it requires a separate subscription that cannot be canceled from your mobile Subscriptions section.

To check if you have an ongoing subscription to Remini Web and cancel it, you're welcome to follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Remini Web homepage
  2. Click on the login method you used to start your subscription (Google, Apple, or Facebook)
  3. Navigate to My Account > Subscription > Cancel plan
  4. A new page will open: tap on Cancel plan

Further information on the service is always available in the Help section of our website or by reaching out to support-web@remini.ai.

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