I'm paying for a subscription but I can't use Remini in full.

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If you have an active subscription to Remini but can't access the benefits you paid for, this may be due to several reasons.


  • The plan you subscribed to doesn't include access to some of the apps' tools or features. As Remini offers a variety of plans that change over time, the may include partial access to the app. If you subscribed to a plan that excludes the use of some feature, you should be prompted with an upgrade paywall giving you the chance to update your current plan. More on this in I'm paying to use Remini, but the tools to customise my enhanced image are still locked.
  • Your subscription isn't being recognised and needs to be restored. To do so, follow the steps available at I’m a Remini subscriber. How do I access my existing subscription on a new device?
  • Your subscription attempt didn't go through. It's sometimes possible that a subscription doesn't fully go through and gets therefore canceled. To check whether this is your case, follow the instructions from Apple or Google, depending on your device's operating system.
  • Your subscription was started on Remini Web. While some subscription plans on the mobile app include access to Remini Web, the contrary isn't true. Starting a subscription to Remini Web doesn't guarantee full access to the app. To do so, a new subscription to the mobile app is necessary.


If you encounter any issues aside the ones mentioned above, don't hesitate to email our Support team—they’ll be happy to help!



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