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  • Why can't I see some styles for my AI Photos?

    If an AI model or feature you're looking for isn't available (for instance the AI baby model, the age progression vid...

  • What tools can I access after I subscribe?

    ❗️ Some tools may not be included in any of the plans proposed to start a recurring subscription and could requir...

  • How do I cancel my Remini mobile subscription?

    App Store Open Remini  Tap the Settings icon ⚙️ > Manage subscriptions Scroll right to find the Base plan > tap ...

  • How do I request a refund for my mobile subscription?

    App Store Sign in with the Apple ID you used to purchase your subscription Tap I’d like to > Request a refund S...

  • How do I upload new pictures to create AI Photos?

    To generate more AI Photos using different pictures, you'll need to delete the previous AI profile first. To do so, s...