Why can't I see some styles for my AI Photos?

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If an AI model or feature you're looking for isn't available (for instance the AI baby model, the age progression video, or the video enhancer), try updating the app from either the Google Play Store or App Store. If the filter is already available and fully disclosed, you should be able to see it then.

However, in some cases features go through an initial trial phase which makes them available only to a subset of users at the beginning of the experience. This is why you may be missing some editing options or some AI styles that others can access, although you've updated Remini to its latest version. When possible, we strive to release features in full as soon as we can.

👉🏻 Although a specific release date is never predictable for our features, we suggest keeping your app updated so not to miss important improvements and additions as soon as they become available!

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